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Unparalleled Customer Service

To put it simply: We remain in business because of our customers. We work to maintain the best service possible by building sound relationships and providing exceptional service. Every customer and project is different, so we remain flexible. We use our expertise to extract the needs of every client, and will offer effective solutions.

Quality of Metal Fabrication 

From sophisticated HVAC systems to custom stainless steel projects, we take an analytical approach. We take the time to understand your entire operation, not just the part you asked us to quote. Our results come from a well-tuned combination of highly experienced mechanics, state of the art equipment, constantly improving fabrication techniques, and sharply honed quality management. 


The safety and health of all employees of Ernest D. Menold, Inc. are of primary importance. The prevention of work-related injuries takes precedence over operating productivity. Our company safety program includes employee training and incentives along with strict adhereance to OSHA and customer safety issues.


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