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Our Commitment to Safety

Ernest D. Menold, Inc. takes an aggressive approach to working safely while serving our customers.  The safety and health of all Ernest D. Menold, Inc. employees is of primary importance, and the prevention of work-related injuries takes precedence over operating productivity.  This commitment to safety starts with management and requires vigilant performance each and every day by our employees.  


We consider safety to be a company value, not a priority. 

Our Company Safety Program

Through written procedures and procedural training monitored by our full time Safety Coordinator, our employees make efforts to reduce or eliminate exposure to hazards in the workplace for their safety and the safety of our customers.


Our Safety Standards include:

  • Compliance with all applicable safety laws, rules and regulations

  • Regular and frequent safety meetings to provide education and training on safety and health matter

  • Regular safety inspections to identify unsafe and working conditions and practices

  • Prompt and thorough investigation of safety incidents to determine cause and take corrective action to ensure it will not happen again

  • Monthly review of all safety incidents and issues by our Workplace Cooperation Team, a Pennsylvania State Certified Safety Committee.

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Our Safety Incentive Awards
At the end of every quarter, we award our workers company SWAG who have  met the eligibility criteria:

  1. zero (0) lost time accidents for the quarter

  2. zero (0) reportable accidents for the quarter

Above the Industry Norm

Our OSHA Recordable Frequency rate has been less than the national average for over 10 years. In 2018, we worked over 150,000 hours with Zero Injuries. 


Safety awareness is a cooperative effort by everyone in our company to accomplish a “zero injury” 

environment.  Safety goals can and have been attained through the dedication of our employees.

2019 Pennsylvania Governor's Award
for Safety Excellence
We were awarded the 2019 PA Governor's Award for Safety Excellence after being evaluated by workplace injuries/illnesses vs. industry standards; and innovation and strategic development of safety policy and approaches, such as:
  • Continual improvement of Safety Program
  • Cooperative/ Teamwork approach to safety program between workforce and management
  • Documented reduction in workplace injuries
  • Demonstrated workplace improvements
For more information regarding Ernest D. Menold, Inc. winning this award, click here
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2019 SMACNA Safety Excellence Awards Program
We won 3rd place in the 2019 SMACNA Safety Excellence Awards Program for having the best safety and health record within the 100,001-200,000 man-hour category of all SMACNA contractors. 
2021 National AGC Safety Awards Program
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By being a member of GBCA here in Philadelphia, we have become members of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). AGC hosts its own annual safety competition called The National AGC Safety Awards (NASA). NASA compares an AGC member’s safety record with other AGC members according to the member size and construction type.  We were awarded a 2021 NASA for our safety record for the year.
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