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Miscellaneous Metalwork at 3025 JFK Blvd. / Schuylkill Yards

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

We were contracted by our trade partner, Artisan Display, for miscellaneous metalwork at 3025 JFK Blvd., one of the new buildings in the Schuylkill Yards development in University City, Philadelphia. The project was managed by the Hunter Roberts Construction Group. We field measured, provided shop drawings, and fabricated the following items:

1. Muntz Metal Panels

The panels on the 9th floor around at most of the entryways/ threshholds were cladded in muntz metal, as well as the the fireplace surround. The panels were fabricated out of 16 gauge muntz metal, and all corners were welded and polished. After fabrication the panels were then finished with a dark oil rubbed bronze.

2. Concierge Desk

The concierge desk was fabricated out of 16 gauge muntz metal, with a steel support frame underneath the panels. The muntz cladding was glued in place to the support frame with hairline seams. The desktop measured 114” long with 24” returns, 2” thick x 12” high.

3. Leasing Office Desk

We fabricated the base for a reception desk in the leasing office. The base measured about 76"long, 29" tall, and 24" wide. It was fabricated out of 16 gauge muntz metal, with welded seams that were groudned and polished. The base had a removable access panel for the electrical inside the desk.

4. Mailbox Support Frames

We fabricated two (2) custom steel mailbox support stands. The stands measured 15’-3” long with six (6) custom profiled support legs. Legs were fabricated out of 1/8” steel. The stands were then powder coated after fabrication.

5. Credenza Shelving Units

We fabricated shelving units above the credenza:

  • (2) 174” high shelving units fabricated in three (3) sections

  • (2) 120” high shleving units fabricated in two (2) sections

The shelving units were fabricated out of ½” schedule 40 steel pipe with L.K. Goodwin Co. slip type fittings.

6. Pavilion Grill Station Casework

We fabricated casework for the exterior grill stations. The frames of the casework were all wood millwork, and we fabricated our cladding to be installed overtop of the door panels, corner panels, paneling under the grills, and shelves.

7. Privacy Screens

The panels around the fireplace were fabricated out of 16 gauge muntz metal. The corners were welded and polished. The panels were then finished with a dark oil rubbed bronze before installation.

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