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Stainless Steel Casework

We were contracted to field measure, provide shop drawings, fabricate, and deliver stainless steel casework for a pharmaceutical customer. Our customer's existing casework was susceptible to contamination due to the material of the countertop. Some of the other existing casework did not have adequate support underneath. with potential for failure in the clean room environment:

This type of casework is commonly catalog ordered, in modular pieces and sizes. But supply chain issues delayed this casework’s lead time to 12+ months. So our value to our customer was being able to provide a completely customized casework solution in about 8-12 weeks time.

Our design team field measured all this existing casework, then produced our Shop drawings using AutoDesk Inventor, submitting back to our customer for approval.

Some notes on the fabrication:

  • Fabricated from Type 316L stainless steel with a #4 finish

  • All base frames have welded nuts with adjustable feet mounted at invervals on font and back channels

  • All face and outside corner welds are welded and polished smooth

  • All drawers have a double wall construction front face

Complete fabrication:

Before vs. After:

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