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COVID-19 Containment Booth

As a fabricator of metal products, we have been identified as "exempt" from Governor Wolf's order of business closures on March 19th. We are continuing to service our essential customers and work on critical manufacturing and installation operations.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for more protection for our healthcare workers, we designed and fabricated this containment booth with EPDM gloves. This booth can be customized with shelving; curtains or sliding doors on the back; a skirt around the bottom intended for sandbags when using outside, and either feet or casters for mobility.

Testing for COVID-19 remains one of the biggest challenges in the United States. All current tests require interaction with a medical professional, which puts the worker at constant risk. These type of containment are a way to mitigate that risk, and can allow for large volumes of people to get tested.

Our operations are open and we are prepared to quickly meet the needs of any organization that is on the front lines battling COVID-19. You can contact us here:

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