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Stainless Steel Bioreactor Platform with Design-Assist Project Delivery

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

We designed, fabricated, and installed this stainless steel platform for a pharmaceutical client. The platform was fabricated out of 4" x 4" x 1/4" and 2" x 2" x 1/4" tubing. All visible outside corner welds were grounded smooth and polished.

We fabricated and assembled the platform here in our shop, then disassembled and bundled all the parts for storage for a sequenced installation in January 2021.

The project came to be from the pharmaceutical’s engineering team approaching us with the open space. The Bioreactor tanks were on order to their facility and needed to be accessed from 8’ elevation. Instead of having an engineering firm develop drawings, our team worked closely with the pharmaceutical’s engineers in a Design-Assist approach.

The Design-Assist approach to this project proved to be extremely beneficial because the installation had to be performed under a clean room condition- meaning absolutely NO grinding, sanding, cutting, or welding inside the pharmaceutical clean room. Our design team got to work closely with the customer to provide them a custom solution at a fraction of the alternative cost of Design-Build.

Here are some isometric views of what our design team built in 3D AutoCAD for this project:

The project also had an aggressive schedule due to getting the Bioreactors up and running for production. It only took 3 months from our first meeting with the pharmaceutical engineers to finishing installation of the platform, and that was with a 3 week holding period for the Bioreactors to be delivered and installed onsite. The design-assist approach allowed our customer to meet their schedule, rather than hiring an engineering firm and putting the fabrication out for bid.

We pre-fabricated the entire platform in our shop, labeling and sequencing each structural member on to a truck for just-in-time delivery onsite:

The work performed under the controlled environment of our shop allowed for a seamless installation in the field. If any field corrections had to be made to our pre-fabricated structural members, we would have had to exit the facility, perform the work outside, and re-gown to re-enter the clean room. With the proper coordination between design, shop, and field personnel, this was avoided entirely.

Great job to our design, shop, and field crews for completing this project on-time, safely, and with the highest quality.

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