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Stainless Steel Skirting & Flashing for Pharmaceutical Inspection Line

We were contracted by a pharmaceutical customer to design, fabricate, and install stainless steel skirting and flashing around one of their Inspection lines. When debris gets under their equipment, it can contaminate the batch that is in production. Making the manufacturing area easier to clean allows less down time, and ensures microbial control within the environment.

The existing space (seen below) is a line of Inspection booths, all sitting on top of stainless steel leveling pads. The cleaning process to clean under this equipment, with debris getting caught underneath and around the feet is a very time consuming process. The skirting solution will decrease the time it takes to sanitize this space and more quickly prepare it for the next batch to produce.

Our Design Team measured existing the space of equipment, ensuring our skirting solution would fit snug against all the components.

Our Shop Fabrication Team lasered, formed, welded, and polished all the members of the skirting and flashing. All material was Type 316 16 gauge stainless steel. All the welds were tint removed and polished down to a #4 finish.

Our Install Team installed all the skirting and flashing pieces using stainless steel truss head machine screws. We had lasered out vent holes where the equipment's motor needed to vent.

The finished installed solution will significantly reduce the time it takes to clean this area for production, leading to a cost savings for our customer. It will also reduce the risk of any contamination during production.

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